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These are the contents of my head

17 May

I’m having a crazy week. I’m moving in eight days and was supposed to start a new job on Monday but there’s this issue with my old work permit and on and on. I’m interacting with several different bureaucracies at once, and everybody’s default setting seems to be “no.”

I sat down yesterday and made list after list after list of all the stuff in my head that I can actually do something about, ranging from things to buy at the store to people I owe thank-you notes to. The list consumed 3/4 of a pack of 3 x 5 cards.

I made a “where I want to be at the end of the week” list and broke all those tasks down into (what I hope are) manageable daily chunks.

Now all I need is a family-size can of patience (and perhaps a martini or two).


Appreciation for Buttons

14 Jan

I’m in the middle of a magnificent streak of finding just the right buttons for each project. In celebration thereof, I re-organized my button boxes (plural, as in at least one more than is really necessary).

The prompt for the re-org was a gentle reminder that there’s a pair of brown corduroy pants in this house that are totally done – except for buttons for the fly. They’ve been that way for over a year. Gah!

When I opened the big box of buttons to seek out the appropriate buttons for the pants, I realized two things – 1. the box was way too full to allow easy digging through the contents without buttons sloshing over the sides, and 2. I have two moon cake tins from Hong Kong that are the perfect size to each hold half the collection – one for lights, the other for darks.

French Naval buttons?

During the sorting process, I was reminded that button hunting has been really, really good to me. I once found a huge mason jar full of buttons at Goodwill that happened to have all sorts of vintage glass beauties in it. Another time, I found a tin full of mother-of-pearl buttons.

The most fun button hunting was courtesy of a business trip last spring to Paris. Upon landing and dropping my stuff off at the hotel, I had two hours before the flea market closed. Sellers were already closing up shop when I got there, but my frantic hunting yielded some gorgeous lace and linen, glass paper weights, coral specimens, and what I think are vintage French naval buttons.

I have learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to keep rhinestone buttons in their own bag or box – I’ve had a few lose stones from being josted by other buttons.

Oh, Frannson recently did a post about sorting her favorite buttons and putting them in frames for display. For general button appreciation, I also recommend the excellent Button Candy blog.

So what about you? If you display your buttons (pics, please!), or have any great stories about your button collection, please leave a comment.


6 Jan

Recently, somebody on the very excellent Apartment Therapy blog was talking about that “January fresh start” feeling. IMHO, it’s the best part of January, other than that the holiday hangover of travel, rich food, and overspending is behind us and it’s suddenly a whole new year where anything can happen. Apartment Therapy is now on to the topic of organization, which is the second best part about January.

Speaking of organization, I wanted to introduce you to the glorious world of the repocketmod. The repocketmod is a customizable, printable, foldable little book that makes everything better. If you like lists, try one of these little guys. They are the paper-thin line between me and total chaos.

Being an organization geek, I have at least six ‘mods going at any one time. I do a weekly one with a calendar on the front and GTD all-in-one lists inside for each week, a monthly project one for creative stuff, and calendar ones for travel and long-range planning. Unlike a PDA, repocketmods are fully compatible with stickers and red sharpie. Oh, and they’re free. I heart them.

What’s your favorite way to keep organized?