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We’ve moved!

30 Aug

Hey there!

Pursuit of Craftiness is now the official blog of Infinite Twist, my yarn company.

You can find me here:

23 Apr

This case for double-pointed knitting needs and its companion crochet hook caddy were instant gratification at its crafty finest.

This was a quick-and-easy project (less than 1 hour), made from 100% stash materials, and it solved an organizational challenge.

This case replaces a pretty-but-useless velvet case I made several years back. The needles constantly fell out of the old one and would wind up at the very bottom of the basket of knitting stuff. I could never find what a full set in the size I wanted without digging.

For this new and improved version, I knew I wanted the fabric to be stretchy so the needles would stay put. The perfect material was already in my stash – multicolored 1.25” elastic!

The elastic was a free gift from my previous employer (a sportswear company with a certain German obsession for quality that leads them to test absolutely everything that goes into their products). Testing leftovers were dumped in a give-away bin outside the mterials lab, and one day, there was the super fun elastic. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but loved the candy-hued colors, and home it came.

Confession – this stuff has been in my stash for somewhere around three years. Gah! In any case, I think it was worth the wait.

Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes

5 Jul

The advent of the shiny new job has set off many changes in my world. The commute time is changing the way I craft and what I make, and the whole Monday – Friday thing makes weekend time extremely precious.

This effects you, dear reader, because I will be blogging differently. You’ll get more short posts with one image, and fewer long-form essays with a gazillion pictures.

To start off this new trend, Here’s a picture of my travel sewing kit. It’s a recycled Altoids tin lined with origami paper from Muji. It’s got everything I need for quilting, and for most other hand-sewing projects. The Altoids box works especially well because it stays closed, and keeps sharp scissor points and needles safely enclosed.

Here’s the packing list:
– scissors
– needle threader (especially useful for threading needles when you’re in a moving car)
– needle case
– thimble
– beeswax
– needle emery (cleans off gunk and polishes needle burrs)
Do you have any kits or tips for crafting on the go?