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4 Dec

It’s cold and grey outside, and warm and cozy and steamy inside.

The steam is both from dye and food – I’ve been making mulled wine and cooking stock and soups, as well as experimenting with hand-painting yarn.

I’ve been knitting (and decorating) tiny trees, stripey cowls, and working on a mitten pattern I hope to be able to share soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of these various projects in various stages. Hope you like them!

Sunny Road

23 Nov

The chaos, glamour, stress, and fun of the holidays started for me three weeks ago with the confirmation that I’d been accepted to exhibit at two major Holiday fairs – “woot!” and “uh-oh” apply in equal measure.

Since then, I’ve added three more events to the schedule, made lots and lots of kits, tagged, labeled, bagged, packed, displayed, seriously considered the art of merchandising, meet lots of people, re-packed, and made more stuff.

Meeting tons of people and talking about what I do with strangers is not something that comes to me easily. Couple that with being outside and cold for two whole days, and I was more than a little run down after the first show.

Sunny Road CowlWhat was worse was that knitting (admittedly, pattern test knitting – not my favorite to start with) was starting to feel like a major chore.   I was getting jealous of my own customers after picking colors and winding yarn for about a zillion kits.

These are two strong indicators that perhaps someone around here has been burning the candle at both ends and needs a nap, a meal that doesn’t come out of the microwave, some happy music on the stereo, and a yarn treat in short order.

 Out came the handspun scraps in yellow, gold, and my own kettle-dyed colors in sunflower and meringue.  They all came together in a big ball of scraptastic goodness. It’s paired with a soft natural grey wool my dad picked up for me at the Common Ground Fair a couple of years back. Finished off with glitter-filled buttons and a hot toddy.

What projects are you working on to stay happy and sane this holiday season?



A Blessing of Unicorns

3 Nov

Some days luck, coincidence, serendipity, fate, the intercession of knitting angels, or whatever attributable power involved just smiles down on a project.

This happened to my sweater on Friday.

I found seven (seven! really seven!) vintage shell buttons that are all the same size (!) in my button box. They are sisters, not twins, but all have four holes, and most of them have a little lip around the edge.

These mystical seven buttons were all floating loose in a particularly sentimental button box. The stash came from a Goodwill excursion on the Oregon Coast, in the middle of a girl’s getaway weekend. It was packaged in a huge canning jar with “Fido” stamped on the lid. Faithful indeed.

These buttons have been poured out onto baking sheets and sorted through with friends, some destined to become eyes for sock monkeys and monsters, others filling in for lost buttons on work shirts – but these special seven were waiting for this little sweater.

And who knows what buttons are hiding in the button box for the next project? We shall see indeed.