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A Week of Weaving

1 Mar


It’s been a fun and busy week. I spent lots of time at the loom this week, working on the Spectrum rug.

loom 2

I’m moving through a color sequence from maroon to purple to pink to red to spice to orange, and next, onto yellow.

dye bath

Lots of dyeing has been happening…


…and I’m working on a new sock design to which Rufus has taken a shine. I can’t wait to wear these!

Monday Morning

14 Jan

yarn basketSo much excitement, and so much to do!

It was a very full weekend around these parts, starting with vending at Amelia’s Marketplace Yanping on Saturday, and finishing Sunday night with a round of infusions to make bitters. All of it was rich and full and great.. but I want to do is knit!

I want a quiet corner and winter sunlight and my new blue and white mitten project for company. More on that very, very soon, I hope…

Wishing you a peaceful and productive Monday!

Sick Days

21 Dec


It’s been a quiet week around here.

Right on schedule, I came down with a cold the day after my last holiday sale of the season.¬†Today is day six, and I’m definitely starting to feel better.

It’s been a week of taking it easy, cold medicine, hot water (and hot toddys), lots and lots of kitty snuggles, knitting, and gratitude. I feel so very lucky to do the work I do, and to be able to take some time to recuperate.

It’s also been a week full of knitting. I’m pleased to report that these mittens are done, and will soon (I hope) be available as a pattern.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful Solstice and a  merry little Christmas (or a successful zombie apocalypse if that happens first).