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We’ve moved!

30 Aug

Hey there!

Pursuit of Craftiness is now the official blog of Infinite Twist, my yarn company.

You can find me here:

Thai Silk

20 Mar

silk 1

Roles of silk fabric at Jim Thompson.

silk 2

Ikat silk at Old Siam Market

So DH and I went on holiday to Bangkok… and I just happened to see lots of Thai silk. Yeah, quite the serendipitous coincidence. Here are my best textile photos of the trip – I hope you enjoy!

silk 3

Flat folds of Thai Silk at Old Siam Market

silk 4

More ikat with interesting stripe embellishments

silk 5

A Week of Weaving

1 Mar


It’s been a fun and busy week. I spent lots of time at the loom this week, working on the Spectrum rug.

loom 2

I’m moving through a color sequence from maroon to purple to pink to red to spice to orange, and next, onto yellow.

dye bath

Lots of dyeing has been happening…


…and I’m working on a new sock design to which Rufus has taken a shine. I can’t wait to wear these!