Feline Re-design

14 Dec

Like many creative people, I love collaborating with other artists on projects.

Recently, I’ve been collaborating with feline designer Vesper on a re-imagining of woven and knitted textiles.

Her first piece is entitled “Tasty Swatch.”

I’m unable to share the interpretive dance element of “Tasty Swatch” in which I chased the artist around the house trying to wrest the swatch from her grasp.

The second piece I’d like to share is “Where the ^&*% are you?”.

“Where the ^&*% are you?” is a larger work utilizing a hand-woven blanket I made five years ago. The blanket was the first hand-made gift I gave to my (now) husband.

Executed while I was away for 10 days, Vesper’s redesign explores themes of absence and negative space. It was also during the creating of this work that she first started re-using fragments of the woven and knitted pieces in the naturally felted cylinders (colloquially known as “hairballs”) for which she is best known.

Vesper is less than a year old, and I have no doubt that our collaborations will continue into the foreseeable future.