The Dark Side is Delicious

30 Sep

“You’ve officially gone over to the Dark Side.”

My beloved delivers this quote as I’m in the kitchen preparing the ingredients for a big jar of kimchi.

“We have more varieties of chiles and chile powders in this house than any professional kitchen I’ve ever worked in.”

He has a point. When we met 4+ years ago, I was extremely spice-averse. Now, our spice rack is stocked with Arbol, Hatch, Santa Cruz, Guajillo, Chipotle, and Negra Pasilla chile powder, plus a range of dried whole peppers. I survived and enjoyed very spicy food in India. I have come to tolerate, and even love the favors and heat.

But the thing this delightful man makes with the kimchi that takes my new-found love of spice to a whole new level is a Korean-fusion breakfast burrito. He scrambles with eggs, adds the kimchi right before they set, melts sharp white cheddar over the top, and wraps the whole delicious mess up in a tortilla. Goes great with a cup of hot, milky coffee.

In three days, the kimchi will be ready to eat. If I play my cards right, I think there is yummy breakfast in my future.

It’s been a productive morning on all fronts. I harvested my mugwort to make herbal bitters, and brought in the last of the basil and lemon balm. I’m drying some of it, and doing a round of herb-infused vinegar.

Rufus even helped me out with skeining some silk.

The kimchi is made from David Lebovitz’s recipe here.

Wishing you a productive Sunday of your own!