Moon Cakes

20 Sep

I’m ten days away from the launch of my new yarn company, Infinite Twist. It goes without saying that there is a long list of beautiful things I want to have ready for the launch, many of which will not be done by the first of October.

October 1st also marks the start of Golden Week, a much beloved holiday in China celebrating wholeness and togetherness. The completeness of the family is represented by a circle, and circular moon cakes are popping up everywhere.

It got me thinking about wholeness and completeness. In my struggle with the to-do list, my sense of completeness (and completion) was getting a wee bit threadbare.

I put away the list and looked around. What actually needed doing? Actually, in real life, as opposed to the plan?

Yerba mate, with milk and honey, in a favorite glass.

A dark grey Romney fleece from Rivercroft Farm needed to be gently washed and dried by a brisk fall breeze.

Taking a step back from saturated color, and pairing a favorite colorway with white.

The list isn’t any shorter, and that’s ok. The launch will be what it’s going to be, and that’s ok too. I have a nice, round sense of completion – and a black sesame moon cake to go with it.