Postcard from Sydney

2 May

A couple of months ago, I went to Australia for the first time. It was a work trip, but I ended up with one day on my own to check things out – starting with an obligatory trip to see the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney’s gulls are a bit different from the American variety. Strangely, they sound an awful lot like the gulls from “Finding Nemo.”

I very much enjoyed Sydney’s architecture, including lots of older houses with stunning gingerbread trim.

There were also some lovely gardens and interesting plants. As the seasons are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, you can see flower varieties associated with high summer in the dead of winter.

The other thing I did was to spend the afternoon at the Sydney aquarium. The creatures were really cool, but the aquarium was full of very excited (i.e. screaming) children and smelled like pee… Pee and popcorn. At least the occupants of the aquarium don’t have to smell the unique odor of the facility.

It was a lovely touristy day, and I’m thrilled to have gotten to see Sydney with someone else paying for the airfare.