Street Cart Sampler

3 Mar

I saw this plant cart yesterday while walking to lunch, and loved the inspiring combination of spring colors and textures (plus a few random silly cacti).

I realized I’ve snapped quite a few photos of similar bicycle-based street carts over the past few months. They’re one of my favorite parts of China street life.

Many of them are vendors, selling everything from sweet potatoes and corn freshly roasted in a 40 gallon drum full of coals to flowers, pirated books and dvds, socks, and random household goods.

Recyclers also use carts to collect cardboard, wood, foam, used household items, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Below are carts selling duck eggs, recycling rebar, selling white pomegranates, recycling the cardboard tubes fireworks come in, and selling spider mums (check out the crocheted bike seat cover!), and recycling foam respectively.