8 Feb

Last week, a very special friend with a very special talent sent out a very special invitation – “Do you want to learn to decorate cakes?”

The answer was “yes, please!”







I’ve experienced Richelle’s mad cake skills before. She made this beauty for my bridal shower. It tasted as good as it looked, being a chocolate-cherry linzer torte under all that delicious marzipan.

Another friend and her little ones all headed over to Richelle’s house, where many legos were played with and Kung Fu Panda II was watched. Richelle taught us how to color and work with marzipan to first cover a cake, and then different techniques for making little decorations.

We made a cake with adorable ponies and I made an early Valentine’s Day cake with an octopus. I will confess that I was too chicken to cut into my cake once I got it home. Luckily, we had dinner guests over had no qualms in this area.

One person’s “too pretty to eat” is another persons “Yum!”