Peach Season

13 Aug

There is a children’s book I remember fondly from my childhood called “Rain Makes Applesauce.”

If my last two weeks were a similar book title, it would be “Car Crash Makes Peach Preserves.”

I’ll start with the preserves part. The peaches came is this very cool box. I was told the little guy with the peach-like forehead in the upper left is the god of longevity.

The peaches themselves are gorgeous and fat. They’re a gorgeous bright pinky-orange inside, and very sweet.

I discovered something important this week, which is that it’s really hard to blanch peaches that are cold. Once they warmed up to room temperature, they peeled like a dream.

The other important thing I learned is that a blender is not a food processor. I was in a hurry, and decided to blend some of the fruit rather than chopping it. This was not a good move.

The preserves ended up being really soft. Not so good for use as jam, but they’ll be good mixed with yogurt. And they’re sure pretty.

More on the car crash and how it lead to the peaches next time.