Moved and Settled

8 Jun

As I mentioned in my last post, I just changed apartments. All the boxes are unpacked, things are generally where they belong, and the process of settling in is progressing. It’s taking longer than I’d like, but hey, that’s par for the course. When I can find the light switches in the dark by feel, I know I’m properly nested. Not quite there yet… soon.

My least favorite part of moving (and there are so many unpleasant parts to choose from!) is disassembling and reassembling the loom. It’s a huge pain in the behind, and requires finishing whatever I was working on.

This time I finished a whole three days early! Last move, it was the night before, and before our move to China, the project wasn’t done and I had to cut off an unfinished warp with scissors. There were tears. Lots of tears.

My process for loom-moving is pretty simple. I break the loom down, and  tape all the moving parts together with masking tape to make things easy for the movers.  They then decide (in their infinite wisdom) to break it further before they realize they can’t. They then put it back together incorrectly, and don’t leave me a note explaining what they did.

In any case, the loom is now back in one piece and I’m winding on my next project, which will be bird’s eye. These photos are fabric for two blankets, two lengths for pillows, some pot holders, and about six yards of funky twill to make a pull-over hoodie.