Another Viewpoint

16 May

Last week, Twinklemama (who blogs here) brought her camera over to my place and captured some great-looking images. This feat was particularly impressive because the house was kind of a mess at the time.

These amazing bento lunch boxes were put together by Angie (who blogs here). Delicious, healthy, and cute!

The cat was all ready for his close-up, posing in a box of freshly washed vintage lace. At least his fur is roughly the same color.

This is some hand-spun yarn made with one ply of silk ribbon. That reminds me – I need to make more silk ribbon. I really like the way this turned out.

These robots are made by Space Boy Jordo (etsy shop here, but currently on vacation. Check back in a few weeks). He makes really amazing robots, many with hidden compartments.

Last but not least, my most recent knitting project. You’ll be seeing more of this as soon as it’s done – I just need to find the right buttons for it.

It’s a new original pattern, and I look forward to sharing it with you – it’s a quick and easy short row project that will be great for Fall knitting.