Leather Recycling, Part 2

19 May

After long delay, here’s the post about what happened to the remaing 4.6 oz of leather from the Honey messenger bag – it became a wristlet! Well, most of it did, anyway.

Here’s the breakdown:

Starting weight – 23.7 oz

Weight of scraps after making messenger bag and cutting strap and sides from wristlet – 8.3 oz

Weight of other leather scraps pulled in from stash (applique on messenger) – 3.5 oz

Net contribution to leather stash (honey colored leather) – 4.8 oz

Making this wristlet consumed .8 oz of honey scraps for the petals, plus another 1.6 ounces of leather from my stash.

Total waste was .1 oz.

So out of the whole 23.7 ounces, 4 oz is now in my stash, and .1 oz ended up in the trash – .004%. There will be some waste when I use up the rest of the scraps, which will bring the total amount of waste to about 1%.

If you have any ideas for what to do with the teensy scraps, please let me know!