4 Apr

The post I wish I was writing about this yarn goes something like this:

“I tried a new spinning technique this weekend at it was great! I’m so glad I left my comfort zone to try something new!”

The truth is I absolutely HATED the process of making this yarn. It’s a real shame, because I love the yarn and I wish I had more of it. I think it would look good as macro-lace.

My issue with the process is related to adding in the contrast wool to make the nubs. It totally threw of my spinning rhythm and my usual meditative spinning time turned into a big pushy fight with my wheel. Things might have a gone a little better if I had a double treadle wheel – there was a lot of starting and stopping.

My hatred of the process is significantly greater than my desire to have more of the yarn, so this is probably the only nubbly yarn I will ever make. Does anyone have thoughts for what I should make out of it?