Pebble Weave Attempt

24 Apr

My second attempt at weaving twill has not gone according to plan, and surprise! The result is still pretty cool. I was attempting to do Halvorsen’s #5 Pebble Weave from Marguerite Davison’s book, but I threaded the loom backwards (4321 instead of 1234).

I tried to reverse the tie-up and treadling, but nothing made my textile look like the picture. In the end, I played around with random treadling until I found something I liked.

The weft is Shetland weaving yarn from the Pendleton wool mill in Portland. I dyed it bright orange, and it’s an unintentional perfect match for the binding of my indigo quilt.

I’m planning to take advantage of the color match. I’ll felt the final fabric and use it to make pillows and a throw blanket to go with the quilt.

In other news, Dandylion came home from the vet on Friday. He’s in pretty rough shape, but he’s made huge improvements over the last two days.

We spent all of Friday afternoon and most of Saturday sitting on the couch watching season 2 of the X-Files with several breaks for tuna (Dandy) and ginger tea (me). All is all, not a bad way to spend a weekend.