15 Apr

Yesterday was truly crap-tastic around these parts. Sweetie’s rental car was the victim of a surprise attack by a parking lot post (and our travel insurance apparently doesn’t cover this sort of thing).

In addition and much worse, Dandylion (pictured here mid-yawn) is in the kitty hospital. He’s been in chronic renal failure for 2+ years, but this is the first time he’s needed IV fluids. It was apparently really touch-and-go for about 36 hours, but the vet is optimistic that he’ll still be with us for at least a few more weeks.

I believe vacations are a weird time for cats, especially ill or elderly cats. Cats have a tendency to want to be away from their people when they check-out, and I had a bad feeling about leaving Dandy this time. I’ve been really blessed to have a pet-sitter who is also a vet tech, and she spotted that something was wrong immediately when he wasn’t interested in a fresh can of tuna.

If you’ve got a second today to send him some love and light, keep him in your thoughts, or include him in a prayer, I would really appreciate it. He’s such a special little guy.