Postcard from the weekend

7 Mar

It was a busy and wonderful weekend in my world. I worked on a bunch of projects, cleaned the studio, and generally made myself useful.

1. The kombucha has brewed for a week and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. It wasn’t quite to the effervescent point yet. I’d describe the flavor as off-dry (the kombucha mother hadn’t processed all the sugar yet) but it was completely delicious. So delicious that I moved the mother into a larger container so that the next batch will be a bit bigger.

2. I experienced a medium-sized weaving disaster. One (and only one) section of my warp was one yard shorter than all the others. In order to not lose an entire yard of warp, I individually weighted each too-short yarn with a heavy square ring or a fishing weight. The weights made a fantastic tinkling sound with each treadle, and also wanted to twist up into a complex tangled braid about every five minutes. Very vexing. If anybody has a better solution to this problem, I’d love to hear it. I have a bad feeling this may not be the last time I encounter this issue.

3. I finished dyeing the spring yarn palette for Pursuit of Craftiness. I was going to introduce each color individually over six weeks, but I can’t help myself – look out for a full introduction of all six colors by Saturday.


4. I made pie cupcakes. They were awesome and super simple. You make enough pie crust for a double crust pie and use a muffin pan instead of a pie pan. I used apples with fresh ginger and spice for my filling.


How did your weekend go? Did you get some needed rest, or focus on productivity?