6 Jan

Recently, somebody on the very excellent Apartment Therapy blog was talking about that “January fresh start” feeling. IMHO, it’s the best part of January, other than that the holiday hangover of travel, rich food, and overspending is behind us and it’s suddenly a whole new year where anything can happen. Apartment Therapy is now on to the topic of organization, which is the second best part about January.

Speaking of organization, I wanted to introduce you to the glorious world of the repocketmod. The repocketmod is a customizable, printable, foldable little book that makes everything better. If you like lists, try one of these little guys. They are the paper-thin line between me and total chaos.

Being an organization geek, I have at least six ‘mods going at any one time. I do a weekly one with a calendar on the front and GTD all-in-one lists inside for each week, a monthly project one for creative stuff, and calendar ones for travel and long-range planning. Unlike a PDA, repocketmods are fully compatible with stickers and red sharpie. Oh, and they’re free. I heart them.

What’s your favorite way to keep organized?