“Good” is good enough, Part 2

19 Jan

Once I’d finished seam ripping and basted everything (i.e. like I should have done in the beginning), the quilting itself was really easy. I did another stitch-(mostly)-in-the-ditch, and I’m really happy with how the quilting looks.

The only downside to working on the quilting was that being up close and personal with the bedspread made the extent of the surface damage obvious. Patching all the holes was going to take forever, so I quilted over the medium-bad bits and moved on.

When I hit the 2/3 mark on the quilting, I also hit a wall. It was really depressing to have put hours and hours into the project and know that hours and hours of patching still remained. This is where the redefinition of “done” came in to the equation.

There are a lot of projects on my list for January. The bedspread project has been on my list since November, moving from monthly list to monthly list and taking the lion’s share of my attention. I decided that the following Sunday was the hard deadline. That gave me a full week to finish up the most critical parts, and still left two weeks to finish the rest of the month’s projects.

My plan is to pick this project up again in June. It’s a winter-weight bedspread, and working on it during the summer sure makes more sense than freezing without it through March and then finally having it ready to use when the hot weather arrives.

With my faux deadline in place, I pinned on a bunch of patches and queued up some movies.  Finally there was visible progress! Things were back on track!

The last applique bits were completed on Sunday morning, and I finished the last of the quilting ten minutes before Sunday knitting. It’s done for now, and I’m calling it good. On to the next oldest project!