Everything Nice

7 Jan

It’s been awfully cold around here for the last few days. I’ve had the heat on constantly, and the air inside is super dry as a result. So dry, in fact, that the static electricity situation prohibits wearing skirts or anything with drape and  my poor cat was getting zapped by static while being petted.

There’s a quick and easy trick to add moisture (and a great scent) to your indoor environment – boil some spices.  My favorite way to do this is on top of a wood stove in a big enamel pot, but alas, I live in the city now, and a hot plate works just fine too.

Just fill any heat-safe container you happen to have with water, and add your favorite spices. I use cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom. Orange peel or mulling spices work great, too. Add water as needed, and enjoy!