Bobble Knit Cowl

8 Jan

I knitted up the popsicle yarn from October into a cowl with buttons. This is a pattern I made up as I went along. It’s turning out to be dreamy soft and the interaction of the yarn and the knit structure makes for a chunky texture I just love. The stitch pattern itself is also really easy.

On the back side, you work three stitches into one stitch, and then you knit the next three stitches together. I did my three-into-one stitches by inserting the needle knit-wise, doing a yarn over, knit one, and then doing another yarn over  (you should end up with three stitches though the one loop). On the front side, you just purl all the way across.

I’ve found bobbles to be a bit intimidating in the past, but this pattern was easy enough that the whole body of the cowl was knitted on a plane (thanks, four hour delay!).

The best part about this project was the buttons. I was having all sorts of doubts about the colors as I was knitting – was the yellow too dull? Did the pink look too wimpy? Super funky bright orange candy-esque plastic buttons to the rescue!

It can be worn a couple of different ways… more photos below. If you’d like to attempt this project yourself, enter a comment and I’ll make a real pattern for it.