UFO status: One down, four to go.

8 Jun

I realized that there is an error in my first UFO post. June 4th is not a Sunday, and it’s already in the past. Five weeks from the start of this whole adventure is actually July 4th. I’m kinda curious how fast I can wrap all this up, though – I’m hoping for an early finish for extra credit.

Project #1 – Needlepoint – Still working on it during lunch, still have lots of clouds to stitch. Sigh.

Project #2 – Dragon and Phoenix quilt  – Progress! Instead of buying ribbon or binding (which I couldn’t find – one of the fringe benefits of living abroad), I made bias tape with one of those little gizmos from Clover out of some pink cotton/poly. Aside from being narrower than I was hoping for and not figuring out how to really get this tow ork until the end, I’m pretty happy with the results. I finished making the bias tape at about 10 p.m. and have thus far resisted the urge to sew it onto the quilt in lieu of sleep.

Project #3 – Silk crazy quilt – Done! Well, technically done. The edging is on the quilt, the final quilting is done, but I have no way to hang the quilt on the wall, and it’s not extra-special done until it’s on the wall. I hope to find a hanging apparatus and have this on the wall in the next couple of days.